My airline reviews

Instead of writing a typical review, I decided to do something different. I will instead write a review in a hypothetical situation where an oxygen mask is required… In no particular order:


Air Canada:

Oxygen masks will be available at the cost of 10 dollars, oxygen can be provided at your convienence for a dollar per minute. Mounting straps are also available for an extra 5 dollars. We accept credit cards.

United Airlines:

Oxygen masks are currently unavailable at the moment, please try again later.

ANA (All Nippon Airline):

Oxygen masks will drop automatically. Upon wearing it, you realize it has 20 other useful features you never knew they exist/belong in an oxygen mask.

Cathy Pacific:

Oxygen masks will drop automatically, they are made of paper. Everything is fine, just that it feels cheap and the oxygen smells funny. But hey, it works.

Air China:

Oxygen masks drop and they work, cool.

China Eastern Airlines:

Oxygen masks will drop prematurely. Followed by a snap which will deattach it from the oxygen supply. Forget the mask, you might be able to breathe through the hanging tube that was supposed to be attached to the mask.

Dragon Air:

Oxygen masks drop and they work. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, customized to fit the person’s needs.

Uploads incoming

There will be a surge of posts coming soon. Most of them are written sometime in the past but I will be using them to test out posting and stuff.

You may ask, this is WordPress Jacky, what is there to test?

This WordPress blog is actually running on a LAMP stack server on a VPS. What does that mean? For me? (Near) absolute control. For you? No ads (until I decide otherwise :P) and a cool domain name to type in the url bar (hint:

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Yup, having all that control means that if something breaks, it’s my responsibility to dive into the code and fix it. Good thing is, I can start working at a problem whenever I want. Bad thing is, I start working at the problem when I want to. But the first step is identifying the problem first, hence the test.

But my test cases are not perfect and here’s where you come in. If you find a problem with the site, please send me an e-mail at!