Dollar store showdown – Earphones

Jacky, have you not learnt your lesson? 😛

The last dollar store earphone has really pushed me away from buying dollar store earphones ever again. (link)

However, as I was strolling down dollar store, this caught my attention. Clean reusable packaging, nice and simple design and seemingly very good build quality. I am still on my journey to find the ultimate pair of “burner” earphones, so I took a leap of faith 😛

I present to you, the uber sound earphones!

Let’s be real though…

Just like last time. For three dollars, I don’t expect spectacular performance out of these. Remember, I am looking for a pair of good burner earphones. All I am asking for is acceptable audio quality.

That’s it.

Wow o.O

Oh wow, these feel really nice! The matte black finish gives it both a clean look and great premium feel

The logo is not too tacky either. Visually this can definitely pass off as a premium product.

What it is competing against

Electra Earphones

Also from dollar store, these costed 1.25CAD. However, please avoid these at all costs as described in my previous showdown. (link)

The approach

Just like four months ago, I am still not an audiophile so I will continue to use terms that will make them cringe. I apologize again.

Evaluation will be based on the same stuff as last time so we can compare: High, mids, bass, sound stage, pleasantness, design and build quality. Rating each area out of 10.

I am blown away, seriously. Let this graph speak for itself

That’s right, I am so blown away by these earphones that I think it will compete well in the branded earphone market. So I decided to throw in the Klipsch S4 with Comply Active S100 (80CAD) and Denon AH-C50 (50CAD)

Highs: This is the only part of the earphone that still screams cheapo. That signature super harsh high gets it a 3/10 here

Mids: They are definitely there! Much better than the Electra where this is completed removed like a karaoke machine. These are much more comparable to the Denon but only slightly more muted. 5/10

Bass: The bass is definitely there. Again, an area where it completely rolls the Electra as it had lacking or modified bass. However, just like the Denon, it is very overwhelming and boomy. Therefore, it gets the same score as it 7/10

Soundstage: There is definitely a soundstage. It sounds like the song is being performed in a small room. Meaning I still kind of feel that the sound is concentrated and being pushed into my ears. Very similar to the Denon, so same score 6/10

Pleasantness: The Electra almost made me pass out by the end of a three minute song. I am three hours in with these uber sound earphones and I am still alive. In fact I am somewhat enjoying my music even. I am ranking it two points lower than the Denon here because of the harsh highs, 6/10.

Design: Nice, clean, simple, unobtrusive logo and available in multiple fun colors. Matte finish is great as it doesn’t attract finger prints and gunk like the Klipsch and Denon do. So not only do they look better, they do a good job of looking good when in use outside!

Build Quality: Feels very solid, they feel like they will last. The simple design helps as there isn’t much that can break. (Klipsch’s rubber decoration is falling off)


For three dollars, these are great burner earphones. I plan on stocking some up myself as well!

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