[Bike] – Road trip to Beaumont, by bike

Final exams are done. Like final final exams. Didn’t want to think too much about it, so road trip! Taking my mind off of it and physically distancing myself away from my worries.

While the idea sounds very random, road trips don’t just happen spontaneously on demand. Some planning needs to be done if you want to go there and come back in one piece without giving yourself a heart attack. Guilty >>> (link: Sherwood Park) (link: St.Albert)

Oh well πŸ˜›

Good news! This one was planned awhile back and was ready for execution πŸ˜›

Bad news, this will be a short post because everything went nicely so there’s not much to write about.

Oh well πŸ˜›

The plan:

The execution:

Not bad eh? Just as planned. Getting good at this πŸ˜‰

Performance data. I am surprised by how consistent the data is despite the incline. I am riding on the road so the dips are caused by red lights. Anyways, photo time!

Haha I really like these “Welcome to” signs. Even though this one looks kind of crappy and welcomes me into a huge chunk of farmland.

So farms really do look like that! I’ve never seen a farm in real life. Why are they red?

Did I mention that I really love “Welcome to” signs? I think I’ll start taking these shots with the method of transportation that I used to get there. In this case, my GT Avalanche 2014.

Fancy looking stuff

Can’t see an end to this road. Good view!

While I was in awe of the view, I decided to fuel up a little. According to my completely scientific calculations (read: gut feeling), my human fuel requirements are as follows:

One mouthful of water every 15km

One energy bar every 30km

Beaumont is 30km away from Edmonton, so that means it time to snack!

The return trip

LOL this wouldn’t be a Jacky’s trip without some curve balls.

Headwind – straight on. I was traveling north and the wind blowing south. * (remember the * means insert your favorite swear word) (link: trail biking) Jacked up my energy consumption enormously and I was feeling empty 10km in on the return trip. It doesn’t feel good, but according to experience, I know I’ve still got some mileage in me before my body gives me the “final warning”. Given the head wind situation, I dropped my gear ratio from 44:15 to 32:18. This allowed me to increase my RPM back to the efficient level of around 100rpm. Sure I was still going a little slower, but I wasn’t burning myself out.

Got home in one piece, but what followed was me making dinner the fastest I’ve ever made it.

Lesson: over pack food a little bit

Other than that, route wise, it worked out very well. The planned route was also very bike friendly too!

Exploring a Brita water filter

“For optimum performance, it is important to change your Brita filter on a regular basis. Replace filters every 151 liters or two months for the average family”

Seeing how they profit from making such a statement, I took it with a grain of salt. Besides, even if they are good intentioned, they are probably giving a safe estimate so they don’t get sued.

Therefore, I resorted to some real world advice from a friend. She said her family has been on the same filter for years. If her family can go off the same filter for years, then mine will probably last forever given that the filter only serves me. Fantastic!

Well, it mysteriously clogged up today. It didn’t slowly clog as one would imagine. It just went nope Jacky, no water for you today. Hmmm…

No idea how these things work, so without further thought, I went out and got a new one.

New one works great, but what do we do with the old one? Since I don’t know anything about these filters, curios Jacky decided to open it up.

This isn’t your causal pop the cap off deal, the top is held on by some strong adhesive. Clearly Brita doesn’t want anyone to do any maintenance here. What kind of “clean” secret is Brita hiding in there?

Since I have already sent this filter on a one way trip down by jamming a scissor into it, might as well take it a step further. For science!

Cap’s off! Well, I was expecting some fancy tech in there. Like layers of different material and stuff. This looks like the soil that was in my plant πŸ˜› (link)

Same stuff all the way down to the bottom

Close up of the material

Hmmm doesn’t look like anything is “clogged” so not too sure why it wasn’t working. My guess would be the pathways in the activated carbon is clogged? But that’s microscopic and not something that me or my camera could see. Regardless, I got to see what is inside a Brita filter πŸ˜›

[Bike] – Trail biking

Summer is here and it is time to go trail biking! Just kidding, I didn’t know where I was going πŸ˜›

Look at this mess, what caused it?

I was heading home, but then I saw this trail path that I’ve always ignored. Curious Jacky decided to go down this path and find out where it leads.

Had my camera with me that day (this one: link) so I also started a video recording. Most of the pictures here will be frame captures from that video.

Small inclines, not too bad.

What goes up, must come down.


My thoughts – Nah, look this beautiful day. Full speed ahead!

How is this ice still here? Oh well πŸ˜›


My thoughts – I am still in Edmonton, how steep can it get? Let’s go!

This steep. Holy smokes* where did the road go? Oh well πŸ˜›

* When you see a * in this post, I was most likely (definitely) swearing. I try my best to keep the blog PG13 so I kept the words out.

Holy fudge* got to the bottom, now up!

Where did the road go…*

Well, seeing too much of the road isn’t good either…*


What now? This place has horses?

Didn’t see any horses, but saw some trail walkers and their dogs playing around πŸ™‚

Climbing back up after all those ups and downs.


My thoughts: After all that? Okay I believe you.

Look at those curves, that sign is not kidding

This road felt like a dream after all that, what’s behind the nets on the left?

Horses! The signs really don’t joke around here

The view is so nice!

Hmmm a large open area…

Wow, am I still in Edmonton? This looks more like Elk Island National Park…

Eventually I found my way home. Have a mess to clean up, but lots of fun making the mess πŸ˜›