[Online adventures] #10 – New Balance 574

“I am at a whole new level of laziness”

This, will not be a review. I’ve been wearing this “type” new balance shoe for a long time and all I have to say is this: don’t run in these, walk in them.

Why do I say “this type”? This is why:


This is the “373”



This is the “501”



This is the “515”



This is the “574”


This is the “996”

I think I made my point, all these new balance shoes practically look the same, but they all have different model numbers. How do I know these numbers? Wearing them for the past ten or more years help.

But I digress…

The real purpose of this post is to talk about why “I am at a whole new level of laziness”.

Needed to buy some shoes, preferably ones with a flat bottom for biking. “These” New balances and Converse come into mind. Never wore a converse ever, so New Balance it is.

It was available in Foot Locker at West Edmonton Mall.

But it’s 40 minutes away from downtown…

Free shipping on $49 or above items! You probably know where this is going… Shipping it is. (Or does this count as trucking? I sure hope it didn’t hop on a ship 😛 )

Got acknowledged e-mail on January 25th.

Feeling incredibly lazy, using UPS for 11KM. But hey, it was free. Oh well 😛

Got shoe on January 28th 3PM.

I like the description: “Met customer man”. Yeah man, I met up with the delivery person!

The end? Nope.

Got confirmation e-mail on the same day an hour later at 4PM. Wait what?

Yup, UPS got to me faster than the confirmation e-mail did. Even e-mails are getting lazy.

Once I open the box I am reminded of how lazy I am, I had West Edmonton Mall UPS a shoe to me for 11KM.

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