New exercise every day!

While crawling around the internet, I ran into a massive list of exercises.

Curiosity strikes again!

I have decided that I will try all of them πŸ˜› If running has taught me anything, starting small and taking it slow is the way to go. Of course, throwing in some break days would be great too πŸ™‚

What I will do

Every day, I will try a new exercise and we start easy.

The next day we will do the same exercise we did the day before + the new exercise for that day.

Every three days is break day.

Increase length for previous exercises


Day 1: Exercise A – 1 min
Day 2: Exercise A – 1 min, Exercise B – 1min
Day 3: Exercise A – 1 min, Exercise B – 1min, Exercise C – 1min
Day 4: Break Day!
Day 5: Exercise A – 2 min, Exercise B – 2min, Exercise C – 2min, Exercise D – 1min

The list

I’ve filtered out everything that requires some kind of apparatus or equipment investment, so basically all one would need for these is a floor πŸ˜‰

Most of these I’ve never heard of, but then again, I only run and bike, so all this stuff is new. I don’t even know what they do.

Insert here <i_have_no_idea_what_i_am_doing.jpg>

Jan 3 – Drop squat
Jan 4 – Split jump
Jan 6 – High knee run
Jan 7 – Butt kick
Jan 8 – Skater jump
Jan 10 – Power skip
Jan 11 – Carioca
Jan 12 – In and out squat
Jan 14 – Rotational chop
Jan 15 – Running Mountain climber
Jan 16 – Spider Mountain climber
Jan 18 – Super skater jump (Replacing skater jump and power skip)
Jan 19 – Side to side Mountain climber
Jan 20 – Diagonal Mountain climber
Jan 22 – Semi-circle Mountain climber
Jan 23 – Jumping Mountain climber (*stop* high knee run jump)
Jan 24 – Long Jump Mountain climber (*stop* Butt kick)
Jan 26 – Seal jack (*stop* Drop squat)
Jan 27 – Jumping jack (*stop* Split jump)
Jan 28 – Plank jack (*stop* Carioca)
Jan 30 – Cross body jumping jack (*stop* in and out squat)
Jan 31 – Predator jack (*stop* rotational chop)
Feb 1 – Burpee (*stop* running mountain climber)

Somewhere down the road we “stop” doing some older exercises. This is because:
A) I am trying to keep this under one hour every day
B) On top of these my primary transportation is by bike, so I spend an hour on that every day too
C) I have other things to do (like writing this blog!)

Hopefully I can manage… (Today is break day! Well, it was… like 5 minutes ago)

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