[Bike] – NEXT bike gets an upgrade (well more like replace :P)

Just because I have a new one doesn’t mean the old one doesn’t get some love too 😛

Today the shifters I ordered a while ago finally came in the mail.

Shimano Tourney SL-TX30

Low end of the Shimano’s, but hey, anything beats a SunRun. The old shifters were grip shifts which means they are part of the old grip too. Removing the grip shift to a thumb shift meant I needed new grips too. Thankfully, the grips that I separately ordered came in on the same day. Yes, they are purple so it matches the frame color. Here’s the new shift and grip installed:

The left thumb shift is responsible for the front derailleur. It is not indexed so it is a friction shift, this is quite common in cheap or low-end shifters.


Holy crap, these are terrible as they are super stiff. They are only slightly better than grip shifts in the sense that they are not grip shifts. If you are looking for a shifting nirvana, look elsewhere.

The right thumb shift is responsible for the rear derailleur and it is indexed. Blue button upshifts one, and being a thumb shift means you can downshift from 6 to 1 in one thumb push.


These are actually quite the joy to use. The up shift button gives a very similar feel to the much more expensive Alivio (SL-M430). When it comes to down shifting, I reckon that this is even better. The Alivio that I have on the other bike features Shimano’s “Rapidfire” technology. In simple terms, you can down shift three gears at max with a single push. The Tourney here doesn’t feature that, but because it is a thumb shift, you can down shift from 6 to 1 in a single push. Take that “Rapidfire”.

For those who are hardcore about the shifting “feel”, again, these feel similar but are not Alivio’s. Their cheapness does come through as you can feel the lightness.


+ It is nice to have a standard grip now (vs grip shifts which introduce a bulge on the side of the shift)

+ It is not a grip shift (Grip shifts are meh, oh and they also wear your gloves out more)

– As you can see, the button you push is in the middle which is okay and reachable by the thumb. Problem occurs with the lever on the top and your thumb is usually near the bottom.

They shift, they work, they are not grip shifts and they are priced cheaply (13 USD).


* The purple grips fit! They also feel nice!

** Krazy glued the broken mount for the speedometer and it worked!

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