[Bike] – Cateye Velo 9

Take a step back in time… I bought this:

EBay: 1.99CAD + free shipping (~30 days)

How did it hold up? Surprisingly, rain didn’t kill it, snow didn’t kill it, low temperatures didn’t kill it and drops didn’t kill it. What did break was the mount, which is responsible for connecting the speedometer itself to the sensor. Hmmm.

My NEXT bike (read: Walmart) has definitely taught the lesson where at least in the bike world you get what you pay for. Which eventually led me to buy a nicer bike, the GT Avalanche 2014. So I wondered if this rang true for things like bike accessories.

In comes the Cateye Velo 9. One of the more popular entry-level bike computers next to the Sigma BC 5.12.

Price? 29.99CAD + 5% Alberta Tax + 1 hour of biking in -10C to find a bike shop that has the thing in stock.

Let’s get the shallow stuff out of the way:

Although plain and simple, it looks good when mounted on the stem.


Uhhh yeah… it looks like I mounted a small CRT TV on to my handle bar.


Identical. Okay, the Cateye has one more feature, it tells you how much carbon you have offset for riding a bike instead of a car. But yo, I don’t need a 30 dollar speedometer to tell me that it is more environmentally friendly to ride a bike than a car. I know Cateye, I know.

So what are you expecting out of this at 15x the price?

Quality. I expect this to outlast + give me less downtime than the EBay speedometer.

The question to answer

As you can see the EBay speedometer is back up and running because I Krazy glued the mount back together. Every time I have to do that is a dollar gone to the Krazy glue gods.

This is a question of lower initial cost + high maintenance cost down the road (EBay) or higher initial cost + lower maintenance cost down the road (Brand name stuff)

The test

The EBay speedometer is mounted on to the NEXT bike, my “grocery run” bike (<5km runs)

The Cateye speedometer is mounted on to the GT Avalanche bike, my “commuter” bike (>5km runs)

Let the test of time begin…

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