Biking to school…

I biked to school today.

Huh? How is that news?

Well, to be more precise, I biked to school with snow 😛 Edmonton snow.

The snow is so deep I can plant my bike in it, no kickstand required.

10km/h drifting

Writing that title felt weird, a little oxymoronic. But yes, you realize you can drift, on a bike, at 10km/h. Intentional or not. 😛

Brakes? What brakes?

Cheap bike, so no disk brakes here. The wheel transports snow up to the brakes and clogs it. Not too bad, but it gets better (or worse for me).

These brakes do their job by friction. The rubber clamps on to the wheel and friction slows down the wheel.

In this case, the rubber + snow clamps on, and friction melts the snow into water. Sub-zero temperatures then freezes said water into ice.

Now you have ice pads as brakes. Or in layman’s terms, no brakes.

The wheels are spinning but you are not going anywhere

Ever rode a stationary bike in the gym? This is like that.

Ever watched a car doing a burn out? This is like that.

Ever rode a bike in loose sand? This is like that.

Do you recommend riding a bike like that in thick fluffy snow?