[Plant] – Day #4 – A sign of life?

We have movement! (The line top left)

Overcoming the hurdle of not enough light in my room –

From elementary, I learnt that photosynthesis absorption happens mostly at wavelengths around 450nm and 675nm. That is basically blue light (450nm) and red light (675nm).

I checked out the lights in my room, all of them try to emulate an incandescent bulb, so 2700K. Not good as that means they are all “yellow-ish” or warm colored.

I remember my desk light is a fluorescent tube and looks a little blue, but it doesn’t say what color temperature it is… To confirm…

I took a picture of the light, put it into Adobe Lightroom and we find out that it is 6200K!

Perfect! Anything above 5000K would be blue-ish (or cool colored). Satisfying our needs for a blue light.

Now I just need to turn on my desk light more 😛