[Online adventures] #8 – EBay – Bike helmet (Motorcycle helmet PGR ST01)

Hmmm it doesn’t fit in our usual “product shot” frame


EBay: 32USD (45CAD 2015)

I needed a bike helmet as I would be riding on the road. I looked at Sportchek to see what the prices are:

40CAD protect half of your head

45CAD protect your entire head

The choice is clear.

So why don’t people wear full-face motorcycle helmets on bikes?

I googled that and mostly people say there is less ventilation and that could lead to a heat build-up.

In programming, we have a saying: One man’s bug is another man’s feature.

I’ve lived in Edmonton for four years, and our winters are about -20C. Heat build-up? Yes please!

Wearing the helmet

I think I am the only person in town that wears a motorcycle helmet on a bike. I am bound to get some attention.

Situation 1: Conversations

Someone saw my helmet and asked: “oooh what’s your ride?”

Me: “Oh, I ride a bike.”

Situation 2: Checking into storage

I wanted to check my helmet in at the front desk of a gym and they wanted a driver’s license. I told them that I didn’t have one and they were annoyed instantly. Due to the motorcycle helmet, they assumed that I must
have a motor bike and therefore have a driver’s license. They thought I was trying to be difficult and unwilling to show my driver’s license 😛 I then told them “Oh, I ride a bike.”

Situation 3: Stare-downs

I bike on a route where there are other cyclists.

When it was still 10C, they give me this “wow what an overkill” stare

Currently the weather is around 0C so cyclists generally mummify their head + goggle up + helmet on top. They now look like me 😛

On a more serious note

– This helmet is warm, so unless that is a feature for you, this is not the helmet for you.

– Wind noise is a problem. Even at bike speeds ~30-40km/h you can clearly hear the wind blowing.

– The helmet hinders hearing a little bit. You can still hear cars, but they are definitely not as loud as before.

– Your field of view is narrower, you will have to learn to compensate for that by turning your head more. You also have to be a lot more careful as the procedure for making turns and switching lanes is more complicated than on a motorbike.

– You feel safer in this helmet, and you’ll be more likely to put yourself in an unsafe situation. Again, something you will have to take into account.

If none of those things bother you, the helmet is super comfortable. The cushioning inside is detachable for washing.

Final thoughts

If you live in a warmer climate, wear a regular bike helmet. The extra field of view and not sweating yourself out is a huge plus.

If you live in a colder climate, you might as well give this a shot. But do note the narrower field of view!

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