Bubble Waffle! (鷄蛋仔) Attempt #1

The bubble waffle maker has finally arrived! Always wanted to own one of these. Now I can make my own bubble waffles!

Materials: Eggs, flour, sugar, custard powder, butter, buttermilk, vanilla and beer.

Originally I thought this was going to make two. Turns out this could make six, but I didn’t mix it properly so I could only make four.

First one! I intentionally overcooked it coming in at five minutes. From there I go down and figure out the optimal time without undercooking (which makes it messy to deal with)

Second one was four minutes and it was still a little over cooked…

Third one was three minutes, that was pretty good. Now I just need to learn how to pour the batter on correctly.

Forth one was worse because I ran out of usable batter and spreaded it too thin.

Personal evaluation:

Taste – 7/10

Structure – 5/10

Look – 3/10

Where a 10/10 would mean it is exactly like a bubble waffle from Hong Kong.

Ingredients in specific:

Eggs: 2
Flour: 60g
Sugar: 20g
Custard powder: 20g
Butter milk: 20ml
Concentrated Vanilla: A few drops
Beer: 5ml

The economy of making your own bubble waffles

Eggs – $0.23

Flour – $0.08

Sugar – $0.03

Custard powder – $0.13

Butter – $0.05

Buttermilk – $0.2

Vanilla – $0.07

Beer – $0.01

Total = $0.8 CAD

If you buy it from a shop = $5 CAD

But we have to consider the cost of the bubble waffle machine. Which is = $50CAD

$5 – $0.8 = $4.2 CAD saved per waffle.

$50 / $4.2 = 12. Therefore we need to make 12 waffles before the waffle maker pays for itself.

After that, we will be making bubble waffles at a low low price of $0.8 CAD/waffle. This is without bulk pricing. If we purchase our materials in bulk (larger sizes), we can lower the cost even more. Therefore $0.8 CAD/waffle here represents our worst case scenario.

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