Made a pebble watch face!

Programming the Pebble:

This semester has been all economics for me, so sometimes the computer science side of me gets a little bored and is itching to do some programming. One day I looked at my pebble and went: “Hey, why don’t we do some programming on this thing?”

Programming the pebble is easy, all you need to know is C. Using the cloud IDE the work flow goes something like this:

Computer (Web IDE) >> Pebble server (Compile) >> Phone (receives compiled code OTA) >> Pebble (receives code from phone via BT)


Watch face design:

Inspired by the movie “In Time” I made a pebble watch face that counts down the number of hours and minutes till I sleep.

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually watched the movie, but from the movie trailer, it looks like time was used as a currency. Want to buy something? It’ll cost you time. Getting paid for work? You get more time. You run out of time? You die.

Hmmm interesting concept… but that’s really harsh. So here’s my version: the watch counts down the time till I sleep and when you run out, it reminds you to sleep and resets the timer for the next day.

Here it is in action:

I have one minute left that day

Once you run out of time, it reminds you to go to sleep.

Thoughts about using this watch face

Unsurprisingly, it made me realize how little time I have. Every morning I wake up with about “16-18 hours left”. With this in mind, I treat my time a little more wisely than before.

A reality check comes in when the watch starts showing single digit hours such as “9 hours left”. At this point I start feeling the pressure, I keep thinking: “The day is about to end, quick finish the task now!”

A kicker comes in when the watch is showing hours left, such as “3 hours left”. At this point I start paying attention to the minutes. My thoughts would go something like: “Okay its 3 hours and 32 minutes, not 3 hours, day’s not over yet!”

Last couple minutes is probably where all the tension goes away. My thoughts at this stage would be: “Oh well, couple minutes left, what can I do?”

It’s really interesting how a simple change in perspective of time can do mentally.

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