Road trip to Sherwood Park, by bike

This year, university has decided that a fall reading week will be implemented on November 9-13. What does that mean for me? Holiday! No, not really, I still need to study up, read some textbooks and write an essay. But hey, I thought it would be nice to take a small breather and go on a one day trip to Sherwood Park.

Bike is in good shape, all the parts have arrived and have been installed. My helmet arrived a while ago. The weather is great. A week long break from school. The stars have aligned so to speak.

The plan: A nice almost straight 15KM ride leaving from downtown

What happened: I got lost, kept getting lost and made it 20KM instead

Oh well 😛

First incident – After 5km

Hitting Edmonton pot holes @ 40km/h + gear shift = Derailing the chain.

In anticipation of a breakdown, I brought some tools with me on the trip. I was able to pry the chain out and put it back on.

Fixing a bike can get messy! (Especially when you are dealing with chains and gears). So I’ve also brought some water and tissue paper for some after repair clean-up.

Arrival – After 25km

The bike operated smoothly after the first incident. I am feeling mixed about pumping up my tires to 50psi prior to the trip. On one hand I am biking on the road and will benefit with a harder tire. On the other hand the roads are so rough… But I made it to Sherwood Park nonetheless!

Welcome to Strathcona County

The view looking back

I am hungry – Sumo Sumo

I haven’t ate breakfast nor lunch, its 3PM, just biked 25km, brain is screaming “Empty!” (Thrill Drive reference haha) I’ve never been around Sherwood Park before, but I heard there was a Japanese restaurant around called Sumo Sumo

Two more kilometers? Okay, this better be good. Brain continues to repeat: “Empty! … Empty! … Empty! …”

I have arrived! This place looks better than I thought. Looks a little fancy too, hopefully my credit card can handle this meal

What do you call a lunch + dinner, a dunch?

Sashimi pizza – 15CAD

It is really hard to go wrong with this. I like sashimi pizzas a lot, like a lot, a lot. I haven’t seen this dish in a while and I don’t understand why sushi shops don’t make this. Last time I had something like this was in a place in Macau. (鮨味亭 /Sushimitei @ 海富花園)

My thoughts:

+ The pizza part (deep fried sushi rice) was as good as anticipated

+ The sauce

* Avocado – I personally don’t like it but others might

– Sashimi – This is probably where most of the cost is, yet it is the most disappointing. A lot of the stuff tasted really bland, by taste I probably couldn’t tell that there were six different types of sashimi here. Most importantly, the salmon. I’ve tasted better salmon at almost every price point. Seeing how this area is mostly what you are paying for, this is disappointing.

Logical score: 3/10 – Most of your 15 dollars is probably spent in the sashimi, and it was disappointing. The pizza part is nice and so was the sauce which saved it from a 1/10.

Personal score: 5/10 – I went into this dish mostly for the pizza part, so what I would do next time, if there is one, is order a pizza with a different “topping”.

Sukiyaki beef bowl – 11CAD

I had to eat something more filling… I still have a 20km ride back. So this is my attempt at ordering a relatively economical, high food per dollar ratio dish.

My thoughts:

+ Surprisingly adequate portion

+ The sauce

– The beef – I can’t taste the difference between this and paper

Logical score: 4/10 this is 11 dollars, the beef shouldn’t taste like paper. The generous portion, good sauce and healthy amount of vegetables were good. But for 11CAD you can do better in a Japanese fast-food chain, which is why I am failing it.

Personal score: 5/10 – I was decently surprised by the portion I got, I was hungry and I needed food pronto. Under that circumstance, it is passable.

Sumo Sumo final thoughts:

The general trend is, don’t expect the meat or sashimi to do miracles here. The sauce is the magic. Most of my complaints boil down to the price, it is priced too high for a relatively average dish. It should be noted that they have an All You Can Eat on Sundays for 35CAD. I haven’t tried it as I went on a Saturday. However, given the relatively good restaurant environment and the value proposition of an All You Can Eat, this place *might* be worth it.

Sherwood Park Mall:

Just a typical mall, but with a few brands that I’ve never seen in Edmonton. Nothing surprising here.

Sunset @ 5PM – Going home

Oh crap! I totally forgot that the sunsets a little earlier and now I have to ride back at night. My #1 concern? Riding in the dark next to trucks that have two-digit amount of wheels. Parts of the road was not even lit due to construction. Every time I saw a shadow of myself I took a deep breath as that meant a car / truck / 18 wheeler is behind me thinking what is this idiot doing on the road. Obviously I made it (or else I wouldn’t be able to post this) but phew, that was risky.


Total travel distance: 58.6km, includes getting lost.

Did ~40km/hr on a maximum 60 road.

Total moving time: 3 hours and 15 minutes

That was fun! Probably wouldn’t do it again, but great experience. After this, I am a lot more confident in city traffic 😛