Telus… really? #2

The thing is, I currently have a bonus 2GB data as long as I don’t go on contract.

Given my current situation, Telus, let me help you rephrase this:

TELUS Exclusive: Jacky, to thank you for being a loyal customer, you’re being rewarded with an exclusive downgrade offer. We’ll give you $50 off select smartphones on a 2 year term given if you if you agree to the following:

Drop your grandfathered plan (200min call / unlimited sms / 1GB data). Drop your month-to-month bonus of 10% off. Drop your existing free benefits such as +2GB data + 30min Canada wide.

Your current plan: 230min call / unlimited sms / 3GB data for 49.5cad/month which is priced dangerously comparable to Wind (a discount carrier in Canada).

Instead we would like you to sign on to a two-year contract with us with a minimum 70cad/month spending. In order to give you a similar experience, here is a plan that is worse off and more expensive.

Telus Your Choice Plan (2015): 300min call / unlimited sms / 2.5GB data for 85cad/month.

But! You get a new phone!

Assuming that I do want a new phone, say an iPhone 6s…

Doing the math, over the course of two years I would pay an extra (85-49.5) x 24 month = 887.5CAD.

Under a two year contract, you can get a new phone at a “discounted” (read: not really discounted) price ranging from free ~ $600CAD+. Since we assume we want an iPhone we will use $400CAD. That will get you an iPhone 6s 16GB with Telus. (2015)

Oh of course, let’s not forget we get that “nice” $50CAD bonus, so -$50.

Total extra cost = 1237.5CAD

At this price, you can buy basically any phone you want direct from the manufacturer. For example, an iPhone 6s 128GB will cost you 1159CAD if you buy directly from Apple.

Yes, for the price of a Telus iPhone 6s 16GB, you can get an iPhone 6s 128GB from an Apple store and still save 78.5CAD! (Enough to buy a nice case + screen protector!)

Being direct from the manufacturer, it will also be an
unlocked phone so it won’t be stuck to Telus.

In the long run I would:

Lock myself into a two year contract with Telus

Get an iPhone 6s 16GB from Telus

End up with a phone that is locked to Telus

End up dropping my previous plan for an inferior one

When this makes more sense:

By not signing a contract, the freedom of month-to-month payment so switching carriers is easy

Get an iPhone 6s 128GB from Apple directly and still save 78.5CAD

End up with a phone that is unlocked so again switching carriers is easy

Continue with my current plan that I am happy with

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