[Online adventures] #5 – EBay – Bike – Speedometer

Not sure how much one would cost in Edmonton. Whatever it is, it can’t be lower than this one:

EBay: 1.99CAD + free shipping (~30 days)

What comes in the package?

– Zip ties to tie on to handle bar

– A mount

– The speedometer it self

It requires a LR44 battery to operate (included and fairly common)


Odometer: Total distance recorded by the cycling computer

Distance: Distance of last trip

Max speed: Max speed of last trip

Average: Average speed of last trip

Time: Total moving time of last trip

Scan: Cycles through all of the above except “Odometer” repeatedly

Time: Keeps current time.


+ Splash proof!

+ Drop proof!

– Resets once in a while because the battery loses contact (so sudden shock/vibration will make it lose its memory. It doesn’t happen during normal bike rides though)


Works as expected, if you want a simple speedometer for your bike, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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