[Online adventures] #4 – EBay – iPhone 5/5s glass screen protector

Question: LOL Jacky, did you get sent a piece of paper?

Answer: No, but I gave it out to someone for free and all I have left is the paper to go on the IKEA Mammut stool for this post.

In Edmonton: 10CAD

I didn’t need an iPhone 5/5s glass screen protector. I don’t even have an iPhone. But as I was scouting around for a glass screen protector for my Galaxy S4 and I found this protector.

The bid started at 1USD, and had minutes left so I was like wow, if I bid, are they seriously going to ship one to me for 1USD? I also knew someone that could use a glass iPhone 5s screen protector. So, I entered the bid and within minutes, I was the sole bidder and won with one bid. Final price: 1USD. After currency conversion:

EBay: 1.33CAD + free shipping (~30 days)

It is amazing how they produced a glass screen protector, shipped it all the way from China to Edmonton and still managed to cover all their costs with 1USD (or do they cover their costs? *queue the economic conspiracies*)

So far I haven’t heard back from the person I’ve gave it to, but I guess no news is good news?