[Online adventures] #3 – EBay – Bike – Back light

Well, if you buy one for the front, you buy one for the back. We are back for another EBay adventures.

In Edmonton: 10CAD

Well, that is actually not too bad, but guess what? EBay does better

EBay: 2.68CAD + free shipping (~30 days)

A laser button! Does it shoot out laser beams and destroy things 007 style? Nah, but it does do something pretty cool:

*Off topic note* Please do not configure the gears as pictured, it stresses the rear derailleur and chain!

These laser lines say this area is my personal bubble, stay away!

Personal road experience. Cars still give me about the same clearance. However, they tend to stay behind me instead of attempting to pass and immediately cut in front (which is dangerous)

What comes in the package?

– A mount

– The light itself

It requires 2xAAA batteries to operate (not included and finally, a common number of batteries)


LED flash modes: On / fast strobe / slow strobe / right-to-left scroll / left-to-right scroll / circular / left-right-right-left bounce / off

Laser flash modes: On / strobe / off

Here is my only problem with this light, you press the LED button to toggle the LED flash modes and there are seven modes. Usually I want slow strobe. That means three clicks to turn on, five clicks to turn off. What are we doing here? Morse code? Oh right, we are trying to turn it on and off. It doesn’t matter which flash mode you prefer. At the end of the on-off cycle, you would have clicked that button eight times. This button is going to wear out quick.


Great value! Not only was it cheaper, it also has a laser feature that is not a gimmick.